#2 – June a reflective month

Happy 1st of June. How come time goes so fast? 31days already filed since the last post. Impressive. I wonder if we are able to catch and realise how unique and special the life is on a daily basis. Have you stopped for a moment and reflected on today and the now?

Because it is the sum of these days that will made our memories. Every step, every dinner, every morning don’t miss the chance to go towards your goals, dreams because these opportunity are just as unique as every breath we take. In relation to what just said, realisation that the health we dream, will not come all of a sudden but will be the result of constant commitment it is my message for this month. 

I do what I do because in life I have been exposed since young age to exercise as a game fist, then competitive and now professionally to boost health. It is my passion and my intention to get closer to find the regime in our busy life to reach individual better version of ourself to remain empowered among the years to come. 

A warm rare Saturday afternoon in London, I buzzed to Josephine’s door bell, I was going to visit a friend, Josephine is 96 and she was waiting for me with blue electric and vivid eyes. Her sight attract me, her posture capture my attention even further and the way she walked me trough the corridor of her flat was rather impressive for the elegance showed on her steps. 

Eyes that have been observed the world, I wonder how many things they must have witnessed. Of course I was impressed by her posture – upright, fluid and dynamic. Effortless. We sat at the dinner table and on a blink of an eye I found myself with a delicious coffee and a generous peace of cake. We digest the food with lovely conversation regarding, future present and past. 

I found myself in a status of true astonishment. A part of my brain was thinking how could I be one day fit and well like Josephine. The other part of my brain was rethinking at an article by Prof. A J Scott from London Business School on Health Policy. One of the key message on the article is the urgent shift from intervention to prevention health. 

This shift is one of my pillar invite to you. Make sure you do plan and prevent as much as possible for those future days. Keep stronger, keep active, keep rested, keep well. We live in a society where everyday must be a productive day.  But what about being able to have days of essence, where you consume the only minimal amount of food needed for instance, where you spend time reflecting on the moment and preparing your body and mind for the future changes?

Will be this the next challenge for the month of June? Try to have days of calmer reflective practice where body and soul are at the centre. 


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