#1 – The Beginning

May it’s a beautiful month. The weather starts to settled and it gives you that warm sensations. Longer days after the winter are much needed. For this reason I have decided to publish my first post on this month. 

Thanks for reading, my intention here are just to share thoughts and give you the opportunity to understand better who I am trough my writing so if you ever would like to work together you already know a bit more about me. 

A second goal I would like to achieve with these posts is to share thinking around topics close to me, really broadly – such as: health and prevention, passion and achievements, planning and becoming. 

I am turning 33years old this month and I feel it has been a great journey so far. So I was wondering why not to share, why not create my own little space in the big world out there where I can express my voice. 

I had in mind to do this for awhile. I am old school I guess, not a big fan of short quick content that has the lifespan of maybe few hours (reference to TikTok or IG here). I like more discussion, long reflection and complicated maybe nonsense conversations. This is why at this present time I am aiming for more words and thinking rather than sharp, short impressive content. 

In this lines you would not find perfection writing style – remember my education has been so far focused on understanding the human body. I have tried sometimes in the past to express my thoughts in writing and the feedback has been encouraging so I will use it as booster for my confidence when worried about the quality. 

In this initial post I think the goal is vital to be explaining the WHY I came up with this blog. The WHY is simple like – WHY NOT? I feel like I would like to give you something to read and digest and maybe generates new questions, new thinking or just give you the opportunity to prove my wrong – debates are the most productive intellectual actions when made with respect that will generate great outcomes. So here we are – let’s talk. 

Well another thing I guess is important to establish are the topics that you are gonna read upon on this blog: health, prevention, evidence base knowledge for longevity, lifestyle, interesting books, cycling, yoga, pilates. I think this is it. But expect surprising off-topic posts such as: business insight on growing your wealth, or best way to… no no seriously just kidding. If you are here for business or Manga insights this is the wrong blog.

Please enjoy your journey, and remember you are powerful. A drop of water in the ocean can still make a difference. Often we focus on the outcomes but even the process is an amazing dynamic to enjoy. Transformation is always possible requires consistency, trust in the process and reflective action – but once it happens it is a magical sensation. 


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