A passion for the body

Understanding is the key in order to achieve the ultimate program of exercise and movement to promote health. Together with an insight on holistic health you will be guided to achieve your own personal goals and status of fulfilment mentally and physically


VALD measurements to measure baseline and monitor progress


Subjective and Objective assessment to collect information and data that will drive the design of your own journey on this long-life project.


Dedicated regular 1-1 sessions to guide trough complex changes and education needs of each individual.

Data Driven

Comparison and trend analysis is the future

Long Term Plans

Exercise will become natural daily practice in order to achieve your wellbeing for the day and the future.

“It does not matter what form of exercise you like, the important is that you practice regularly”

CardioFitness for the Heart

The focus is your heart health. Train to enhance your VO2MAX will be one of the pillars of the exercise regime. To minimise risk factors that would potentially lead to heart failure, respiratory chronic disease.

Strength and Conditioning for a resilient spirit

  • Bone Health trough a structured program of Strength Training
  • Metabolic Health impact
  • Osteoporosis monitored

Mobility and Flexibility for everyday good-feeling

  • Maintaining range of motion of joints
  • Reduction of overloading due to postural deficiency
  • Guide the Practice with breath Work

“We can not modify the time that is just gone, but we can impact the future days and years making sure we select the best way to use our limited time on this World to live in harmony with ourself and our loved one.”

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